Ankay Conservation Courses

Short on time but still want to dive with purpose? These are our conservation courses that can be done in a couple of days for certified divers. Each one is tailored to raise awareness of the ecosystem and give you the tools to be part of the conservation efforts.

Marine Ecosystem

Learn first hand how the marine ecosystem works taking a tour through Ankay Conservation Center’s mangroves all the way until submersing ourselves in the water to explore the seagrass and our coral reefs.

It Includes:
  • Ankay Marine Ecology class
  • 2 dives and complete scuba gear
  • All meals included
  • 1 night accommodation

Est. Cost:

$175 USD

Ankay Conservation Diver

Learn about the importance of coral reefs, the current threats they are facing and how you can help. This course has both theory and practical in-water application during your dives, promoting good dive habits and techniques.

It Includes:
  • Ankay Conservation Diver course and certification
  • 4 dives and complete scuba gear
  • 2 night accommodation
  • All meals included

Est. Cost:

$350 USD

Marine Species Identifier

Learn about the key species in Bocas del Toro that indicate our coral reefs health. You will study how they interact with the ecosystem and how to identify them during your dives.

It Includes:
  • Ankay Species identifier course and certification, you can choose between fish or invertebrate.
  • 6 dives and complete scuba gear
  • 3 night accommodation
  • All meals included

Est. Cost:

$525 USD

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