Marine Citizen Science

A recent scientific paper has yet again shown the power of citizen science in marine conservation and declared that the field of MCS (Marine Citizen Science) is «emerging as a promising tool to enhance conservation efforts». So what is Citizen Science?

What is citizen science?

Citizen science is defined as «public participation in scientific research». It is an important vehicle for democratising science and promoting the goal of universal and equitable access to scientific data and information. In addition, data generated by citizen science groups have become an increasingly important source for scientists, applied users and those pursuing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In nature conservation in particular, international citizen science has become increasingly important as a duel stream of data and funding.


What does a citizen scientist do at Ankay Conservation? 

Participants who join us for a program will receive basic training on:

  • species identification and orientation 
  • how to conduct field surveys
  • how to collect data
  • how to report findings.


Why should I participate in a citizen science program at Ankay Conservation?

Enhance Your Impact in Global Research

Join our citizen science initiatives and collaborate directly with local communities and on-the-ground research teams. You’ll actively gather data and participate in developing innovative research aimed at addressing pressing conservation challenges.

Develop Your Skills Through Citizen Science

By working alongside researchers and fellow enthusiasts worldwide, you’ll gain valuable insights into data collection and monitoring techniques. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures while making a tangible contribution to global conservation efforts.

Launch Your Career

Marine conservation volunteering serves as a pathway to a fulfilling career in the field. Gain practical experience in marine ecosystems, species identification, data collection methods, and conservation techniques. This hands-on learning is invaluable for academic pursuits and professional endeavors in marine biology, oceanography, or environmental science.


Marine Citizen Science demonstrates its value through the results and accomplishments of our global expeditions. The efforts of our citizen scientists have been crucial for research, conservation, education, and empowerment, highlighting how citizen science democratizes participation and fosters mutually beneficial outcomes for nature, wildlife, and local communities. Contact us to become a citizen scientist!



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