5 reasons to complete your
Ankay Conservation Diver course

Our fun-packed two day course is a great choice for scuba divers, here’s why…


Visit Bocas del Toro

Bocas has plenty more to offer than just beautiful diving! For the adventurers: head out exploring to some of our neighbouring islands and see what tropical gems you can find. Visit Bastimentos to spot some local wildlife like sloths, monkeys, toucans and even caiman. If a beach and a good book is more your vibe, you’ll find plenty of sunny, white sand beaches fringing the edges of these beautiful isles. And of course, there’s plenty of bars and restaurants where you can grab yourself a well-earned meal after a busy day exploring!


Explore beautiful dive sites as you train

Based in the beautiful Caribbean Sea, you’ll get to explore some of our favourite dive sites around Bocas del Toro, Panama. In these tropical blue waters you’ll get the opportunity to see all kinds of beautiful corals and wildlife. The diversity of our dive sites means there will always be something new to keep you busy! Whilst diverse, brightly coloured reefs are expected, you can also see wrecks, walls, seagrass beds and more, each hosting a unique combination of marine life: from file fish and trumpet fish to rays and (if you’re lucky) sharks!


See our reefs through new eyes

Head out from our jungle island classroom straight onto the boat, armed with new knowledge and insight about the ecosystems you’re about to dive in to. Witness the topics we’ve explored come together in your dive, helping you to observe both as a diver and as a conservationist.


Develop your dive skills

During our Ankay Conservation Diver course, you’ll learn to develop your dive technique through games and challenges. All the skills we teach have dual purpose:

  1. Reduce your impact on the marine environment as you dive.
  2. Improving your overall form.


Buoyancy control is a key element to all diving, but even more so in sensitive marine environments. You can never practice basic dive skills enough! With our course you’ll master different finning techniques and perfect that buoyancy.


Learn how to protect the environment as you dive

As divers, its basic fact that we all love the ocean. So, it makes sense that we’d want to learn about how we affect it, and, more importantly, what we can do to help preserve it! Find out what we, as individual divers, and as a diving community, can do to prevent damage to our beautiful marine ecosystems, whilst still enjoying everything it has to offer! From product choices to eco-friendly practices, we’ll give you the full run-down of how to care for our ocean as we dive through it.


More information on the course: here