Top 5 things to do in
Bocas del Toro

Yesterday was Bocas del Toro’s 116th anniversary and sort of how someone reflects about their life on their birthday, it really got us thinking of what an amazing place it is.

Whether it is on vacation, on a gap-year/sabbatical or coming out to retire, it’s a great choice.


Soak up the sun in one of our many beaches

You can grab a bus at the town’s center for $2-3 to Starfish Beach (Playa Estrella).

Remember to look but not touch! 3 minutes is enough to asphyxiate a starfish if you remove it from the water and handling them, even if it’s in the water can stress them out enough to be their death sentence.

Another beach favorite if you like culture and adventure is Wizard. You go to Bastimentos and walk through Old Bank, making your way over to a 30 minute trekking until you to get to the Wizard Beach. Take sneakers and be willing for them to get muddy.


Filthy Friday

If you make me choose between going out to dance and staying home to watch an ocean documentary, I prefer the second. That being said, I also believe you can’t be in Bocas and not go to Filthy Friday, a famous island hopping party crawl. What I most applaud, other than their ability to make sure you have a great time, is their logistics in executing activities, transportation and security.


Savor the extensive culinary options

Our favorites:

For Mexican food, quality tequila and incredibly fast service (a luxury for the Caribbean rhythm), Tequila Republic is the place. For a trip to Italy and feel like your at home with family, Pane e Vino. Om Café has great Indian food and a beautiful view. For local flavors with a contemporary twist Octo (in Isla Colón) or Receta Michelá (in Carenero).


Day tour to Cayo Zapatilla

Personally, I’m not much of a “tour” person  but if you are going to do one, I recommend this one because you see a little bit of everything. They pass through Dolphin Bay, snorkeling in Cayo Coral and finish up in Cayo Zapatilla. For responsible eco-tourism, ask around for services that have a reputation for maintaining distance from the dolphins and other appropriate conducts.

FYI this is an activity in our 7 day Purpose Expedition.


Ankay Conservation

This one might be a bit biased, but come see for yourself and be the judge. We offer experiences for for different time frames. Our courses offered are from 1 to 6 days. Our Purpose Expedition is 7 days, an excellent option if you are on holiday with a group. Our Ankay Conservation Program is a chance to volunteer to save our oceans through ecological monitoring learning how to identify marine species and survey our coral reefs health.


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