5 reasons to dive with Ankay Conservation

Scuba diving has provided a way for you to explore and connect with the ocean. You have seen fish swimming around coral reefs and in tall kelp forests. You are aware of how humans’ actions are harming the health of marine ecosystems, so you make changes in your life to reduce your impact, from using less plastic, composting, to driving less. Did you know that your dive trips can also be environmentally friendly and sustainable? Here are 5 reasons that it is with Ankay Conservation.


Protect the envirorment and planet

You can be part of the movement to protect not only the ocean, but the environment and planet when you dive with Ankay. We have clear guiding principles and sustainability goals. These principles and goals guide us in implementing important goals, such as protecting coral reefs, or reducing plastic use in our day-to-day operations. The sustainable practices contribute to protecting your favorite dive sites, creating a sustainable future, and promoting environmental stewardship.


Protect marine life

Did you learn how to dive so that you could possibly see sharks or octopus? Or you might plan your dive trips based on which amazing ocean animal you want to see. Ankay implements practices that promote low-impact, responsible diving practices to avoid disturbing animals. We promote how to responsibly observe animals from a safe distance and not chase or touch the animals. This ensures that the animals are not stressed or harmed by any interactions. In addition, sustainable practices that protect the environment also help provide a healthy home for the animals.


Conservation Education

Continuing your diving education and experience is important to gain and maintain skills. Similarly, learning about the ocean itself is also very important! You can learn about marine biology, ocean conservation, and sustainability in the dive industry while contributing to science and conservation efforts. We offer a variety of courses and our Coral Conservation Program.


Join a community

Belonging to a community is key to a happy life. You can find many dive buddies who share your love for the ocean, adventure, and your values for environmental stewardship when you dive with a sustainable dive shop. This community can provide a support system when you are feeling especially worried about the health of the ocean. It can enrich your life with valuable knowledge and experiences. Overall, this community is dedicated to protecting the marine environment so that you and future divers can enjoy the ocean for many years to come.


Support Sustainable Business Practices

You can use your wallet to further protect the ocean by diving with a sustainable dive shop and supporting environmentally-responsible business practices. In fact, sustainable practices are also good for business. Sustainable businesses create new market segments for business expansion, and minimize operating costs by incorporating efficiency into every part of the dive shop’s operations. More demand and support for sustainable dive shops will be a clear message to the dive industry that divers want to see more sustainable practices carried out.


Article inspired by PADI.